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A Budget friendly kitchen remodel

April 20, 2020

As you are sitting home staring at your kitchen thinking of all of the ways that you can make some changes to update your space? Maybe a new paint color, or new appliances or new lighting? Or maybe you are ready for a complete face lift. Here I will show you how we took a small drab looking kitchen in a vacation town-home and turned it into a bright, modern open space concept on a minimal budget. 

Before Kitchen Remodel

Lowered Ceiling and Tiled floor and walls

In this photo you can see that the kitchen is dated with a drop ceiling, florescent lighting and a dated tiled wall for the bar. It cold and dark.

Breaking Down Everything

We decide to raise the ceiling to match the living-room, creating a seamless open look. We also extended the bar on the side and added pendant lighting over it. Inside the kitchen we added 4 small can lights and raised the cabinets over the stove to place a microwave.


Because the cabinets were in good shape, we decided to prime and paint them a lighter color and change the hardware to give it a modern fresh look. We also painted the kitchen in Snowbound from Sherwin Williams.

After Renovation

And here you have it! Our quick kitchen renovation. Just a few minor tweaks and you can have a brand new updated modern kitchen.