Modern Glam Designs

Modern Day Women's "Re"-Treat

Treat yourself to relaxation, rejuvenation and re-calibration

An Idea Is Born

The Modern-Day Women’s Re-treat is designed to provide a bi-annual retreat for the everyday woman, mom, wife, entrepreneur, sister, daughter and friend. The goal of the retreat is to allow women who are depleted from pouring into everyone except themselves a 3day outlet for relaxation, rejuvenation and re-calibration. It is for that woman burning the stick at both ends who feels like they are near the end of their rope. It is designed to be a safe place where women can learn self-care, life project management and stress relief. We will bring in experts in the areas of prayer and meditation, mental wellness and life project management to provide the tools necessary to get re-energized and ready to perform better than ever before.

What we do

MDWR is a weekend retreat held 2 times a year where skilled experts in mental health and wellness and life management come to teach women self-care and stress and life management skills.

Our Mission

 Modern Day Women’s “Re”-treat is on a mission to provide a break for over exhausted women while teaching self-care and stress relief skills.

Our Vision - Empowering women to maintain self-care by equipping them with life skills and relaxation leaving them energized and ready to perform better than before.